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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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staggering. estimates range from 100,000 to four times that number. now here in virginia advocates are hoping to reduce that number and give victims a chance at justice. it is detailed, meticulous work to make an enormous difference in the life of a rape victim. >> it was something to cope with the pain. jeff: nastaha was raped in new york in 1993. rape it can taken after the attack eventually led to an arrest in 2007. since then she has been filing to end the growing backlog -- fighting to end the growing backlog of rape kits across the country. money that received money from the d.a. office. >> there are advocates and survivors who have been fighting for many years. jeff: virginia will receive $1.4 million to test and analyze the more than 2,000 untested rape kits across the commonwealth. the majority of which sit in
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fairfax county. >> it will send a strong signal to survivors we're standing with them. jeff: the d.n.a. evidence found in the kits can be critical to help identify the suspects. many of whom are repeat offenders who continue to commit other violent crimes. >> if we can stop the predators, we the prevent further victimization. jeff: an effort that vice president joe biden said yesterday provides victims with hope. >> they say maybe, maybe i will get justice. maybe some one will pay attention to me. that was the vice president speaking in new york. i have a nouncing the program which will provide funding for more than 40 law enforcement jurisdictions across the country to pay for processing 70,000 untested evidence kits. welcome news to victims and the advocates. live in the newsroom, jeffs, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. that funding program jeff goldberg told us about totals $79 million. it will go to 27 states.
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a warning over the weekend about sexual assaults on popular prince george's hiking trail. police say someone attacked three women in the past three weeks near mcgruder park. in each case the man hid along the tree line, grabbed a victim and pulled her into the woods. police say they are increasing patrols and they are urging people not to run alone. police say domestic dispute led to this afternoon shooting at union station. this happened at 12:45. witnesses say a man stabbed a woman at the mcdonald's restaurant inside the train station. then started running. police say the man lunged at a security guard and then shot him. some fled and others sheltered in place. train service was halted. two injured people are expected to recover. a beautiful start to the weekend. but probably won't stay that way. chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing of rain coming.
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doug: it won't be tonight. it's beautiful this evening. mostly clear and cool, too. lows by morning 56 to 66. then it goes downhill in a hurry. sun early but clouds will increase. showers and thunderstorms. possible by lunchtime through the afternoon and the evening. a cold front is moving through tomorrow. it will give us a chance of storms. we talk about sunday's weather and the next seven days in detail in a couple of minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. today nation remembers about of terror and those who rose above it. that was the sound and the scene as thousands gathered at ground zero in new york city to remember the 3,000 lives lost in september 11 attacks. 14 years ago today. the world trade center site is now home to freedom tower and sprawling memorial and museum.
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here at the pentagon, giant american flag was unfurled at sunrise this morning. it marked where 184 people died when the flight 77 hit the military headquarters. meanwhile in shanksville, pennsylvania, a new visitor center is open to commemorate the lives of the passengers on the united flight 93. the 40 passengers are credited with saving the u.s. capitol by fighting the hijackers and crashing the plane into a field. the day stirs up many emotions for all of us. we will remember the pain, fear and the confusion that the day brought. for those too young to remember the tragedy of the day is not clear. stephen tschida spoke with college freshmen who were just preschoolers the day america changed. stephen: september 11, day which left thousands dead, and millions traumatized.
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>> that was the first time i saw my parents cry. stephen: when you ask young people specifics about the attack you get vague responses. >> we didn't know much about the hijackers. so i feel like the evidence we got afterwards in terms of like academic setting was unclear. >> on the campus of george washington university, incoming freshmen who were just 4 years old at the time of september 11, some of them say they really aren't aware, they aren't that knowledgeable of what happened on that day 14 years ago and just a few miles from campus. >> grade school. not really. nigh didn't teach about it -- they didn't teach about it. stephen: she says september 11 is not something she knows much about. >> why they did it or how it happened? i have no idea. stephen: some students say they know it was a tragedy but they don't know why it happened or the motivations.
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still, there are some students who were just 4 in 2001 but who say they did spend time exploring the deadly attacks. >> tried to get into the reasons as to why, not just so much that it was a horrible event. stephen: some of the students plan to look in the turmoil in the middle east and the u.s. foreign policy to try to gain a better grasp of september 11. as they work their way through college. stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: for many, september 11 has become a day of service. you learn more about the service events in our area and see the sights and sounds of today's remembrances. right now on it could be a long weekend for those who rely on metro to get around. warning for the riders still ahead. also coming up, response from the white house to claim military intelligence report on isil are getting a positive spin. the admission from prince george's county schools four months after a mother sounded
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an alarm about mold in her child's classroom. first, though, we remember the lives lost and others forever changed on this anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we'll be right back.
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maureen: we have update to iteam investigation.
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prince george county schools closed and cleaned eight classrooms at samuel chase elementary school after discovering mold there. in may we told you about jackson, who pulled her daughter out of the school after complaining that mold was making the child sick. the school system cleaned the classroom but denied there was a problem. the same classroom identified this week as having mold. >> i don't know if you look at it as a way of being vindicated when the kids are still there. the new school year you have people that are sick now. maureen: the school system says it is trying to get funding to avoid problems like this instead of responding to them after the fact. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she will not run for re-election. rawlings-blake announced her decision this morning. her tenure was marked by riots in string over the death of freddie gray. the young man who died while in police custody. this week, baltimore agreed to pay $6.4 million to settle a civil suit filed by gray's family.
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she has been mayor since 2010. maryland delegate campo is stepping down for personal reasons. his resignation comes nine months after he was sworn in. his district in northwestern prince george county is home to the largest concentration of hispanic residents. it could be a rough weekend on rails if you are riding on metro. some warnings for you. all six lines will see delay for work. trains run once on 24 minutes on five lines. on the green line buses replace trains from college park to the green belt. we warn you to try to plan ahead. next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- american spies say their reports are being changed. how the white house is responding to their concerns. that it is not getting the truth on the fight against isil.
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plus, when doug hill breaks down when the rain could change your weekend plans. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up in sports nobody saw this coming. serena williams was upset by roberta vinci and you won't believe what the italian had to say after the
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maureen: at least 87 people are dead after crane collapse in mecca. it happened in a heavy rainstorm. thousands of visitors are expected in mecca later this month for the hajj. new tonight at 6:00 -- >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. maureen: one year after president obama launched a military offensive against isil, there are questions about the pentagon report on the fight. a story by the "daily beast" suggests dozens of military analysts complained their work is being altered to make it look more positive. senior political reporter scott thuman is in the
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satellite center with what he has learned. scott? scott: well, maureen, the white house confirmed it's ongoing investigation and that in some cases the analysts are taking great risk to amass the information on the ground in dangerous places. it's vital that it be fair and accurate. we don't know if the information has truly been altered. but the inspector general is looking into it. from the war front to the white house. is the message being manipulated? a new report by "the daily beast" suggests some 50 spies and military analysts complained their assessment of the situation in iraq and syria are being warted down by higher-up -- watered down by higher-ups. at the pentagon, investigation underway and on the hill concerns. leader nancy pelosi told us. >> i would be troubled by any intelligence. scot: according to reporters at "the daily beast" two
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analysts complained and almost 50 backed them up that if the report was too negative, it wouldn't be shared up the chain. >> the president would prefer a cold eye assessment of what is happening to make the best possible decision. scott: the report claims analyst blame senior level leaders for the supposed alterations as a way to be more in line with the obama managers' public stance. but the fight against isil and al-qaeda is making progress. >> you have a clash and tension among the analysts about what it means. at some point someone has to say this the best judgment and present it to decision-makers. scott: while the investigation continues we know the defense secretary ash carter told his staff to reinforce the message that they want unvarnished, transparent intelligence. that is something the white house reiterated today. maureen? maureen: thank you, scott. well, the house is now on record opposing president obama's nuclear deal with iran. 25 democrats joined
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republicans in today's vote against the deal. the vote however was largely symbolic as democrats have enough votes in the senate to support the measure. the deal is scheduled to take effect next thursday. former senator bob dole will raise funds for the memorial to the former president of the united states dwight d. eisenhower. dole plans to raise $150 million from private donors. he will get help from actor tom hanks who also raised money for the world warii memorial. the eisenhower memorial has been stalled for years in disagreements about its design. and speaking of years, we have to share something very, very wonderful with you. our venerable doug hill is going to be inducted very soon in the silver circle of the national academy of television arts and sciences. that is a huge, huge honor. doug: i'm very, very happy. it's very good. i was very happy and honored to find out about that. kimberly: it includes people
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like yourself -- maureen: it includes people like yourself who spent 25 years. in your case a lot more. [laughter] in service. on television. in our market. in the washington area. congratulations. doug: thank you. i look forward to it. next month is the ceremony. it will be fun. i was happy to hear that. you may not be so happy to hear about the weekend forecast because it's going to go downhill in a hurry here. this is beautiful. look at the time lapse from damascus elementary school in northeast montgomery county in the day. it has been spectacular all day with sunshine. only a few fair weather clouds that dissipated as soon as they formed. all because of the high pressure overhead. if the high pressure was stationary sitting overhead it would look like this all weekend long. that is not the case. the case is the high pressure will move out and another cold front will come in with the rain. 87 today but comfortable because of the dryness in the air. average high now to 81 degrees. we will turn cooler through the weekend. it's 80 in annapolis. the temperatures will drop to 70's and in the 60's in most
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areas. some outlying regions north and west of the city might be as low as 57 degrees by tomorrow morning. if you are up bright and early you might get a brief glimpse of the sun but it will disappear as the cold front and a developing area of low pressure along the front moves east. what that will do is turn our pleasant weather to a rainy pattern. maybe as early as noon tomorrow. with that, some showers and thunderstorms. by early tomorrow morning. showers will be breaking out. by midday it could be widespread in the metro area with the temperatures of the thunderstorms possible. that will continue with time through afternoon and the evening hours. as we get through late saturday night it look like the bulk of the rain will move out with the front. but left behind will be an upper level low that will be spinning around ohio, pennsylvania, western maryland on sunday. that will give us a breezy northwesterly wind. cooler temperatures and maybe passing sprinkle or shower. not a terrible day. but not anywhere near as pretty as today. take it one day at a time. tomorrow is 70% probability of showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening especially.
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highs of 82. then on sunday, the winds go back to the northwest. breezy northwesterly 10 to 15 miles per hour. high of 72 to 75. cool day with the passing sprinkle. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday we have seen this so many times all next week is gorgeous. temperatures in the 80's. low humidity and comfortable weather. timing if for weekend weather wise just didn't work out this time. we will talk more about it in a little bit. back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. try again. unfortunately for serena she can't try again. what a shame. erin: i know. congratulations to doug but we won't say congratulations to serena. maureen: no. erin: her grand slam hopes have come to an end by an unlikely opponent, too. plus, desean jackson is expected to play in the redskins opener but how much action will he get? sports is
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: welcome back. we begin with a big upset at the u.s. open. serena williams is out after she lost to roberta vinci in the semi-finals which ended serena's grand slam run. this is one of the biggest upsets in tennis history. vinci an unseeded italian was playing in her first grand slam semi-final which she defeated williams 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 this afternoon.
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after the match the italian was honest when she was asked if she had a chance against serena when she woke up this morning? roberta: no. [laughter] no, no. when i wake up, i say okay. i have a semi-final today. try to enjoy. don't think about serena. play. enjoy it. i didn't expect that i won. erin: she is so cute. moving on to redskins and with kirk cousins entering the season as the starting quarterback there are several key questions he faces including include his chemistry with desean jackson. jack downtown play in the preseason due to a shoulder injury but he is expected to play sunday against the dolphins. however, head coach jay gruden said yesterday he will take jackson out at times while he gets back up to game speed. coach gruden: desean winded is not a good desean. he have to make sure he is fresh and ready to stretch a
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defense out. block when he needs to block. he won't be effective if he is tired. i think he is in good shape. erin: oh, boy. so we moved on from deflategate to headset-gate as the patriots find themselves at the center of another controversy. steelers head coach mike tomlin says he always has interference issues with the headset playing the pats and last night he heard the new england radio broadcast for the majority of the first half. the nfl plans to review the incident. the nationals are on the road and will try to climb back in contention as they begin a three-game series against miami tonight. maureen: well, we have not such a nice weekend come up. next week will be pretty good. doug: that is way it always works. steve rudin has the forecast at 11:00. rain tomorrow and better on sunday. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. see you at 11:00. have a good weeke
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breaking news, the new vi o video. they thought he was a suspect. now, poapologies and questions. and 11 shootings along a highway. what they have now seized. and joe biden, at a new york city firehouse. what he's now saying about a run for president. >> and the first big republican to drop out. and the young woman charged with murder after her fiancee drowns on a kayak trip. and the serena


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